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Easy Email Blast - How it Works

Anyone from a charity, educational institution, or other nonprofit organization can easily promote their special events themselves, by sending strategic emails to their supporters.

The email blast program automatically creates the subject line and body of the email. You may edit these, add images or leave intact. Just use a standard CSV formatted file containing salutation and email address fields. (Microsoft Excel can be used to "Save As" type CSV.) The email blast program will allow you to easily send multiple batches of emails. You might want to put your own email address in the list first and send yourself a test email. Then continue by sending batches of several hundred emails at a time. The program lists the recipiants as the emails are sent. Five hundred emails can be sent in about 15 minutes.

To proceed: Click Event Search to find your event page. Then click Email Blast, located on the bottom left of your event page, under Administrative Tasks.

For additional help, please contact:
Robert Seaman
949 636-5056